Do you want to have your both headlights burning?  

High beam and  low beam together as one beautiful low beam (driving lights)?

Not like this.


But like this!

Do you want to illuminate more efficiently and therefore see more? 

With a short tap on the passing button you can turn up your low (driving) beam, 0; 30; 50; 75%. Meanwhile you still have a little high beam which allows you to look much further away.

Do you want to flash your both headlights (pulsate)?

For example in a traffic jam. With 3 sort taps you turn it on.

Do you want to overtake (pass) safely?

With 2 taps on your passing button the headlights flash shortly (time is adjustable) in a very special pattern. In the meantime you have your hands safely on the handle bar.

Do you want to attract attention on front side when you are braking? 

From the front side is the most danger for the biker. You can adjust the time of flashing when you brake from 0 (not flashing) to 5 sec or as long as you hold the brake. We urgently advise to try out this feature for at least some weeks, even if it is only for 0,5 seconds. You then know if this is useful or perhaps necessary.

Do you want to be conspicuous when you are not beeing seen? 

If you flash in front and rear when braking, the others will notice you sooner and therefore will brake earlier and try to avoid you earlier. Only a fraction of a second is enough to make the other avoid you so you will not be hit.

Headlights 34,-  Duplo Headlights from 59,50  Link Headlights reducers.

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Already translated product descriptions:

Safety Lights basic: electronics that adds improved and more conspicuous hazard, running Lights and an extra conspicuous signal, when you are not being seen and brake, to your direction lamps (indicators). Why Safety Lights work that well!  Tips (experiences) for driving in a  traffic jam.

Safety Duplo Headlights: electronics that make your headlight illuminate further away, that is less blinding and is more conspicuous. Safety on safety! With automatic signaling and pulsing function. With extra conspicuity when braking. Everything adjustable to your own preferences.

Safety Headlights: electronics that illuminates further away, that is less blinding and is more conspicuous. Double safety! 


Do you want to know what is possible on your direction indicators? See

         Dipped burning (adjustable), improved hazard lights, more braking signal etc.


Do you want to know what is possible on your car? See

  Dipped burning (adjustable), many light patterns, pace-car, wig-wag etc.


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